Why Typeset Resumes Look More Professional

During these tough economic times, many employers are overwhelmed with qualified job applicants. Having a more professional resume can help give you an edge over the competition. Typesetting your resume at Badass Resumes is one of the easiest ways to make your resume look more professional.

Modern word processors (such as Microsoft Word) have been designed to allow text to be input as quickly as possible. In doing so, word processors often sacrifice aesthetic quality and readability for speed. Badass Resumes uses a powerful computer typesetting system developed by a world-renowned computer scientist. This typesetting system is capable of producing text that looks better and is easier to read. The end result is a more professional looking resume.

How does it do it?

  • Use of ligatures.
    Ligatures are characters used by professional typesetters to combine common sets of two or more letters, such as "ll","tt", and "ft". Badass Resumes automatically uses these characters whenever possible.
  • Better line breaking.
    Word processors use a sloppy algorithm for deciding when to start a new line. Badass Resumes uses a more powerful algorithm that is capable of processing entire paragraphs to find the best possible way to divide lines.
  • Better kerning.
    Sometimes, when a tall letter is placed next to a shorter one, there appears to be a large gap between them. Kerning is a method of moving characters closer together to fill in the space without the characters ever touching. Many word processors are incapable of kerning, leading to large gaps inside of words.

If you're still not sure, feel free to look at this example resume belonging to the creator of Badass Resumes. If you are convinced that you want a Badass Resume, then create an account and get started today.